What does  BUIDLing for Inclusion mean for the future of Web3?

Join us for a day-long gathering and conversation on inclusion in Web3!

At Panvala we want everyone to feel welcome, valued, and represented in Web3. With the support from our community and generous friends, Panvala is hosting a gathering and a day-long conversation during BUIDLWeek at ETHDenver on BUIDLing for Inclusion in Web3.

The event will take place both IRL and online, bringing together our 77+ member communities, 6+ coalitions, and friends of Panvala to share, connect and learn together - What does inclusion mean for us and the future of Web3? How might we buidl/build so everyone feels welcome?

Join us for a day of panels and fireside chats, learn about Panvala community member projects, and participate in a community-inspired trivia quiz.

Event Details

Community Support

This event is hosted by our Panvala Fellows, coalition coordinators, and member communities. Panvala powers communities with a share of its community endowment and connections to a vast network of like-minded individuals and projects. Communities are the heart of Panvala. We consider a community as any group with a shared mission or purpose that meets and coordinates regularly.

It is also made possible with generous support from our friends at:

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